Cory in Da House

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is one of the most entertaining titles on the 3DS, continuing AlphaDream's fine form with the spin-off RPG series. Despite its seemingly low-profile arrival it's performed rather well in stores, though the previously sedate Miiverse community showed an explosion of interest over the weekend; that wasn't due to the game, however.

It seems that some users found a glitch in the game that was actually patched long ago — the update to version 1.1 of the game last year seemed, at the time, slightly pointless. It wasn't a forced update, however, and it's now emerged that Nintendo was fixing — among other things, probably — a peculiar bug that allows users to post screens from the internet browser; it's a fiddly process that only works for those that haven't updated to version 1.1. While Miiverse screenshots from games can be controlled and are safe, it's obvious what issues can arise once the wider web becomes fair game — the example above is a comedy entry, but some posted relatively explicit images.

The Miiverse moderators have been busy deleting posts, blocking users or, in some cases, keeping posts live but blacking out the screengrabs. There are issues of copyright and marketing materials that are banned — in addition to the obvious concerns of adult content. As for solutions that Nintendo can use, we hope it won't simply lock down screenshots in this community and others — that hasn't happened yet — but will instead close the loophole. The issue is resolved by the update, so if Nintendo can force the update — as is the case with some online games — then that would block any exploits and ease the load on the Miiverse moderating team.

In the storied and peculiar history of Miiverse, this is one of the most interesting sagas to date; rather befitting the Mario & Luigi adventure.

Thanks to Greg L for the tip.