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Nintendo of Europe has now confirmed this demo for the region with very similar terms to North America. It'll be available to everyone from 19th September, while "selected Club Nintendo members" will receive an email with four download codes. The demo has unlimited plays — in North America and Europe — for those that receive Club Nintendo codes, while the worldwide demo on 19th September will have a 30 play limit.

Original Article:

Nintendo of America has announced that it is releasing the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS demo on the 19th of September – a mere week from today – during its Nintendo Treehouse live stream.

The demo was released in Japan significantly closer to the release date, so it's great to know that North America won't be left out in the cold as so many Japanese fans are already enjoying the full version.

Even more interestingly, Platinum members of Club Nintendo may receive an email later today with a total of four codes for the demo, one for you and three for you to distribute as you see fit. There's no guarantee that you'll get one as a Platinum member as there are a very limited number of codes, but keep an eye on your inbox throughout the day anyway.

There's been no word on Europe getting the demo just yet, but we'll update you if we hear something.

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