Why is this felyne smiling?

2014's San Diego Comic-Con is long over, but Capcom has prepared for online consumption and posted the video of their Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate discussion panel featuring several Monster Hunter staffers, including the game's director Kaname Fujioka as a special guest.

Most of the information concerning the game has been covered in the gaming press since the panel took place, and like most panel discussions it's probably more exciting if you've paid the attendance fee and have the opportunity to steal off to the In-N-Out Burger afterwards.

However, it may be worth a watch for the live fake weapon demonstrations, the picture of that one poor guy in the mocap suit complete with safety helmet and a lengthy discussion of the Yian Kut-Ku's dietary habits and table manners. Everyone's favourite winged snake-thing the Najarala also appears in a few good minutes (starting at the 25:11 mark) of downright explosive fight video, and this thing looks incredible:

Was there any new information here or did the panel just confirm what you already knew? Did the wait for a crack at the Najarala just get harder? Let's fantasize about standing over the corpse in the comments!

[source capcom-unity.com]