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The hype stirred up in the lead up to the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was bound to cause the production of some themed accessories for the system it graces, but nothing could have prepared the gaming community for this overload of cuteness.

The Felyne race has been a favourite amongst fans since it's inception, and Capcom are clearly looking to try and profit from their likability with this array of accessories for the 3DS XL.

The set includes decals for the inside of your console, a sleeve for transportation, a hard shell for protection, and an obligatory cleaning cloth, all themed around the feisty Felynes.

It's certainly the full package for a certain breed of gamer, but for those less Felyne-inclined there's also a standard Monster Hunter-themed set.

Both the Felyne and standard sets are available for pre-order from Play-Asia.com and will be shipped in October.

Be sure to check out the images below to see them for yourself.

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