Hyrule S 1- 1

The official Japanese Hyrule Warriors Twitter account has announced the release of a new game mode delivered through a patch that will also tackle minor bugs in the game.



An update is coming that addresses bugs and glitches and also includes a new mode. Development is near to completion, and we are currently testing it to make sure it's ready for distribution. We are working hard to make sure it's released as soon as possible, please wait a just a bit longer!

There are no details as to what the new game mode will involved, but many fans have been clamouring for online capabilities, and considering previous games in the Dynasty Warriors series have had this functionality, it's not entirely out of the question. Let's just hope that whatever it is is available soon enough to be a day one update for Western audiences.

What do you think it could be? Are you hoping for online gameplay or something else entirely? Let us know below!

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