"We're getting a third dimension again?"

The "that game" teased by Atlus several weeks ago has finally been revealed, if this was in fact the game it was referring to. The somewhat infamous former "not broccoli" teaser site now presents a lovely smorgasbord of information in Japanese on a 3DS remake of Etrian Odyssey II, replacing somewhat unsubtle hints like green everywhere.

Today's announcement comes with a visually soothing new trailer that vaguely hints at but doesn't do justice to the experience of being the red smear some FOE had to wipe off its hoof with a leaf yet again:

Ready to do the wait for the western release with this one, or will you give it a miss? Shall we debate the relative merits of cauliflower in the meantime? Are you hoping for more ethnic Canadians in this sequel to Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl? Don't keep us waiting, comment!

Thanks to Pianomanfreak for the tip!

[source gonintendo.com]