It seems the DSiWare format refuses to give up the ghost as yet another game is set to grace its gates later this week for North American DSi and 3DS owners.

Amida's Path takes place 900 years ago in Kyoto, Japan. The city seems to be at peace until a menagerie of demons decides to wreak havoc upon its gentle citizens. You take command of three uniquely skilled characters in order to try and restore equilibrium to the fair city.

It's not a particularly unique storyline, taking most of its inspiration from Japanese folklore like so many games before it, but where it does differ is the gameplay.

Based heavily on a lottery system known as Amidakuji, you must draw lines between other lines in order for your attack to follow the changes you've made and hit your opponents. The tactical aspects come in once you realise that not only do your attacks follow the detours you've made, but so do the enemies'. It's nice to see some fresh and interesting ideas still appearing in a time where so many grey and brown FPS games flood our consoles.


Be sure to check out the trailer below for a more detailed explanation of how the game functions.

Amida's Path will be available on the eShop on your 3DS and the DSi Shop on your DSi on the 14th of August in the US for $4.99. No European release date has been announced for the moment.