Luigi Stare

Nintendo clearly knew it had produced a terrific feature — with Mario Kart TV in Mario Kart 8 — right from the off, strongly featuring slow-mo replays in its pre-release Nintendo Direct broadcast; to humorous effect. That said, Ninty may have been surprised when the Luigi 'Death Stare' went viral in a YouTube video, getting mainstream coverage and plenty of views as a result.

It worked as perfect material for raising awareness of the new game, and it's performed well in its first couple of months on sale. It should be no surprise that Nintendo's keen to make the most of the phenomenon, then, with a new Japanese TV advert for the title utilising some stylish slow-motion shots of characters; most were previously seen in that aforementioned Nintendo Direct, yet there's a notable addition. Yep, there's a new official Luigi Death Stare appearance.

It's a neat commercial and you can see it below, so let us know what you think.