Chaos will reign over Kalos

Twitch's journey through the Pokémon titles has been quite remarkable, catching tons of viewers and somehow nearly indoctrinating them into a crowd-conjured cult. While the original outing received the most attention, Twitchers have been rambling their way through the series and are poised to attack the most recently released entry, Pokémon X.

Sure, there's no workable emulator on which to play the game through Twitch, but that's only a speed bump of a fact on the Victory Road of Mass Lunacy. dekuNukem, the modder who created a "Shiny Pokémon Finder", has focused his special set of skills and created a streaming 3DS that can be controlled by external inputs. According to a brief interview with Destructoid, dekuNukem is happy not just to let such technology fall into Twitch's hands, but provide even more routes of interactivity through the 3DS online connection:'s a great honor that I can contribute to the community and using the experience to make TPPX possible on a real 3DS. And since the game is running on a real 3DS, wireless connectivity will enable stream players to battle or trade with strangers around the world, and passerby are able to influence the stream by offering O-Power or trading. All in all, I believe that the last TPP is something really special, and online interaction with real players around the world will play a non-neglectable role during the course of TPPX.

You can view the Frankenstein's monstrosity in all its glory within the video below:

The Twitch Plays Pokémon channel is set to depart from Vaniville Town on 26th July at 9 p.m. Pacific Time. In the meantime, they've been driving villagers mad in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Will you take part in the newest massive multiplayer Pokémon journey? Do you dare challenge thousands upon thousands of chatroom mashers to a battle? Let us know below.