Shine on, you crazy innovators

There is a certain breed of Pokémon player out there who would do just about anything to capture the rare, “shiny” variety of each creature. Their fascination with shinies borders on a raccoon-like intensity — yet unlike most raccoons, many of these humans have access to technology.

YouTube user dekuNukem has run with that advantage, constructing a machine that will conduct the dirty work of repeatedly engaging Pokémon until a shiny one appears.

It’s really quite ingenious. The device presses the necessary order of buttons to fish for a Pokémon and enter into an encounter. It then uses a light sensor to determine the length of time the bottom screen of the 3DS remains dark before the battle begins. Since a shiny encounter features its own animation, it takes slightly longer to load it. If the machine detects this less than 1 second of extra blackout time, it signals its human overlord that a shiny has been found. If not, it simply engages the buttons to run away and begin the process anew.

The source code for the device can be found in the “About” section of the video’s YouTube page. Would you be willing to go this far to find an easier way to catch rare Pokémon, or do you prefer to find them with good old-fashioned thumb grease? Let us know below.

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