Luigi Void Track

In early July we reported on YouTube channel MrBean35000vr demonstrating that it had hacked a Wii U and Mario Kart 8, showing changes to text within the game, the console's menu and WaraWara Plaza. The hackers made a point in expressing their opposition to 'cheaters' and stated it was working towards being able to producing future content such as custom tracks and songs; the same channel did similar things with Mario Kart Wii.

In recent times the channel has been posting more videos, showing its progress in modding Mario Kart 8. They're further evidence of the fact that the hacking duo do indeed have access to the code of MK8, changing it in various ways.

In this first video ghost data from the N64 Rainbow Road track is played in the new Rainbow Road, so as a result Luigi drives around the surrounding area of the new course.

This next example shows what the duo call an 'unused track', as its code categorises it as a square course. It's a little odd, in that it has no background and produces ghosting and fairly dramatic motion blur effects.

The third video shows the effect when gravity is influenced; at first gravity is applied where it shouldn't be, and then there are attempts to drive through an anti-gravity section on normal wheels.

Finally, this video shows texture changes in Thwomp Ruins, with ice and snow applied in place of the original design.

The duo states that this final video shows that it's getting closer to the stage where it can recreate its own custom tracks in MK8, though it still seems highly doubtful that this will have a significant impact on the majority of gamers. The browser-based exploit being used for this Wii U hack was already shut down in previous system updates, so it's outdated firmware that's more than likely limited to offline only. It represents a landmark in terms of the system being hacked, but arguably in a way that shouldn't be particularly detrimental or damaging to Nintendo; the company would no doubt prefer it hadn't happened, of course.

In some senses these videos give an interesting insight into the underlying code and how Mario Kart 8 works, though the moral justifications are obviously up for debate. Let us know your thoughts, and as always with these topics please stick to the Community Rules.