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In the past we've told you about Cosmo Wright, who continually sets new world record completion times for the iconic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He's even explained how it's done, in terms of manipulating gaps in the code through increasingly complicated moves and set patterns.

Wright has been pushing the boundaries even further in recent months, and has now set what he regards as an almost-perfect time, describing it as his best ever run. He clears the game in 18 minutes 10 seconds, a new world record in which all of his techniques came together perfectly, shaving 19.5 seconds off his previous record.

It's an impressive sight, even more so as it started off as a run like any other — Wright attempts it a lot, and was even nonchalantly checking chat and thinking about what he'd do next early on. As the pieces fall into place his reactions change, however, as he realises that a special run is on the cards.

We should warn that there is some bad language in the video, so is not suitable for work or young readers.

There's another world record to enjoy, too. Below is an outstanding run — posted by YouTube channel TRR010 — of Metroid Prime being cleared in under an hour.

It takes a certain mentality and skill-set to speedrun games at this level; even for those of us not in that ball-park, they can be fascinating to watch. Let us know what you think of these runs in the comments below.

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