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A little while ago we told you about Cosmo Wright, a speedrunner that was recorded explaining, in detail, how to complete Ocarina of Time in 22 minutes. As he admitted himself it wasn't an impeccable run, possibly because he was trying to describe intricate maneuvers while executing them.

That run was at a fundraising event and completed on a Japanese Wii, but Wright has now set what he believes to be the world record time of 19 minutes 15 seconds. This run was perhaps more on his own terms, with a time that was apparently possible — in part — as he was using an iQue console. This is a Nintendo plug'n'play system sold in China, where there is currently a ban on selling home consoles — that ban may be overturned in the near future. So while it's a legitimate Nintendo copy, Wright explains that the game runs a little smoother and faster on the hardware than on an N64 or Virtual Console copy, and therefore makes some moves easier to execute in less time.

Like before, this is a fascinating watch, and if you want to beat the record, you may want to import an iQue plug'n'play.

[source kotaku.com]