Yoshi Folder1

The relatively recent 3DS release Yoshi's New Island may have endured a mixed critical and commercial reaction, but we certainly haven't lost any of our love for the mascot(s). Even if his games are occasionally missteps, we still think he's the best dino-like hero in the games industry — he's not a dinosaur, apparently.

Club Nintendo is doing its bit to support the egg-throwing flutter-jumping creature and his kin, with a neat Folder & Bookmark Set now available in Europe for 1000 stars. Below is the official description.

This pastel package comprises two sturdy card folders sporting Yoshi and Baby Mario, plus other characters from Yoshi’s New Island. There’s also a pair of spiffy bookmarks to complete the combo! The folders measure 24cm x 30cm, and the bookmarks are 5cm x 15cm.

This is different from the Toad & Friends Folder Set With Bookmarks available in Australia, while the North American Club Nintendo will have no physical items until 13th May. Check out the images above and below and let us know whether you'll be placing an order; don't forget, you should always keep your papers organised.

Yoshi Folder2
Yoshi Folder3
Yoshi Folder4