Kid Icarus Uprising Cards

Australians have had a lucky run with Club Nintendo catalogue items this year. By no means would it take a statistician to calculate, but on average there has been at least one item released on the local club per month.

For the month of April, Nintendo Australia continues its new-found Club Nintendo trend with the return of 10 Random AR Cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising, and a Toad & Friends Folder Set With Bookmarks on the side. The first item will set Aussie fans back a mere 200 Stars, and the second is also relatively affordable at 800 Star points.

Of course, as with every item that seems to grace the Australian version of Club Nintendo, there is a catch. As already noted, these two items have returned — with neither of them actually being new (not that fans of Kid Icarus will be complaining).

Nintendo works in mysterious ways – with the assistance of logic, it is likely there was extra stock floating about at Nintendo Australia’s HQ and it has decided to make these items available again via the local Club Nintendo. In other words, this is presumably depleted stock, so it’s unlikely we’ll see these items again anytime soon – or ever – after this run.

If you've been lucky enough to grab a few more packs of the Kid Icarus AR Cards, let us know. If you've settled for the Toad folder and bookmarks instead, also let us know. Else, we'll happily take your Club Nintendo requests & demands in the comments below.