Analogue Nt

Seattle-based custom console manufacturer Analogue Interactive has spilled the beans on its upcoming Analogue Nt, a sexy aircraft-grade aluminium NES/Famicom we reported on back in March. Set for a release this summer, the Analogue Nt is now available for preorder through the company's website with a base price of $499 and a gaggle of accessories to choose from. The Analogue Nt comes standard in a natural aluminum finish, but for an extra $49 your Nt can come in black, pink, blue, or red. Also for $49, you can get a custom-made HDMI adapter:

Play NES in glorious 1080p. The HDMI Adapter is an external RGB to HDMI upscaler designed exclusively for the Analogue Nt. It is a true upscaler (no stretching) and outputs 1080p or 720p preserving the original aspect ratio. It even has a built in scanline generator for that retro CRT feel.

There's a host of controllers and cables for all regions available from the Analogue website as well, although since the Nt is built from the original Nintendo hardware it's compatible with all your existing NES (and Famicom!) accessories... so dust off your old Zapper. You can check out more information on the Analogue Nt at the company's beautifully-designed site. Will you be picking up one of these bad boys?