They better have Pangoro hats

It's no secret that the Kalos Region of Pokémon X & Y was inspired by the beauty, culture, and charming professors(?) of France. Now, for a fleeting amount of time, the real country will more closely resemble its virtual counterpart with its own Pokémon Center.

As reported by Serebii and posted on the French Pokémon site, the Pokémon Center Paris will be appearing at the historic Hotel de Villeroy from 4th-21st June. The hotel is part of the Crémerie de Paris, which hosts pop-up stores from various brands often.

Visitors to the Pokémon Center Paris will be able to view a collection of illustrations from the series, including rare development sketches. There will also be an interactive space for fans to learn how to draw Pikachu as well as meet and take photos with the fabled superstar itself.

It wouldn't be a real Pokémon Center without the chance to bury oneself in merchandise, of course, and a selection of plushies, T-shirts, and other items has been custom-picked for Paris.

What would you pick up if you had access to a Pokémon emporium? Let us know below.

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