While gamers in North America have been enjoying Kirby: Triple Deluxe since 2nd May, it arrived two weeks later in the European market. Its début UK chart results are in, then, and the outcome is solid if unspectacular.

The happiest outcome is that Kirby's latest is 9th in the single-format chart, mixing it with a series of major and established titles. It doesn't fare quite as well in the all-format results, dropping down to 16th, which is about on par with the launch positions of fellow new 3DS titles in 2014 such as Yoshi's New Island and Mario Golf: World Tour. The latter has tumbled quickly, however, nowhere to be seen in the top 40 in just its third week.

The only other titles on Nintendo hardware in the charts are Pokémon X & Y — in the single format results they're in 31st and 33rd (X beating Y), while the equivalent multi-format results are 39th and 40th.

Nintendo still has a minimal presence in the UK charts, then, though it'll be intriguing to see how Mario Kart 8 fares at the end of the month; it'll go up against the usual big hitters and the multi-platform Watch_Dogs.