We know Pikachu, we know...

As switched on DS and Wii owners likely already know, a number of Wi-Fi services will be shut down on 20th May, with high profile examples being the loss of online play in Mario Kart entries on both systems and other examples such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For Pokémon fans, meanwhile, the impact on those last-gen games could be relatively significant.

In order to ease any confusion over what aspects of Pokémon games will be lost, Serebii webmaster and Nintendo Life contributor Joe Merrick has produced a handy guide showing what events, battles and distribution features will be lost when the Wi-Fi service is shut down. Check it out below.

Pokemon DS Online Shutdown

Online services are always liable to be closed down as the years pass, though the unique circumstances of these Wii and DS online features disappearing — likely prompted by host Digital Spy shutting down at the end of May — make this a particularly disappointing scenario for gamers.

Will any of these lost features be missed by you after 20th May? Let us know.

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