Armillo Screen

Armillo is another entry in the pleasingly lengthy list of download games heading to the Wii U eShop, with developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games supporting the system by making its release a timed exclusive.

It has taken a little longer than expected to arrive, and the studio has issued an update to clarify that it won't hit its previous target of 12th May due to the machinations of the approval process. On a positive note the game is getting closer, and there'll now be a special launch price of $5.99 for the first three weeks of release, before it reverts to a standard $7.99.

Good news, our game is finished and we're extremely excited to release it as soon as possible!

However, with Armillo being our first Nintendo eShop game, the submission process is taking longer than we originally anticipated. What this means is that we'll miss our anticipated release date of May 12th. While we hate to delay, we expect to be able to make a formal announcement of the global launch date in coordination with Nintendo very soon.

Your patience will not go unrewarded, though! We're happy to announce that Armillo will launch at the introductory price of $5.99 for the first 3 weeks of release! After the first 3 weeks, the game will return to the standard $7.99 price that we originally planned. This is our way of thanking our early supporters for buying the game early, and our way of apologizing for all of the delays.

You can see a recent trailer for Armillo below. Are you looking forward to this, and do you plan to be an early adopter?