While plenty of attention with the Wii U has drifted towards Mario Kart 8 and a host of upcoming Wii U eShop releases, we feel that Ubisoft's Child of Light shouldn't be forgotten or overlooked. Arriving on the download store next week, it's a title full of potential.

With a script that'll read like a poem and with various RPG ideas, the fairytale approach could certainly help this stand apart from its download contemporaries. It's also an exciting project as it utilises the terrific UbiArt engine that was developed and used in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends; not only is it an impressive tool for artists to recreate their vision quickly in the game, but delivers seriously attractive results. Combine what appears to be a strong artistic concept with that engine and Child of Light could be a visual feast.

It hits both North America and Europe next week, and Nintendo has shared a couple of Ubisoft videos covering the making of the game. These two parts provide some insight into the visuals, soundtrack, general sound and the stage design. Check them out below and let us know whether you're excited about this title.