The UK recently went Happy Meal crazy when Super Mario Happy Meal toys graced McDonald's. Well, that's a slight exaggeration, but we suspect Happy Meal sales to thirty-somethings spiked, at least near the Nintendo Life offices.

In any case, the next Nintendo-themed madness is coming to North America, with Pokémon X & Y toys on the way once the current batch of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 plastic throwaways is finished. You can seen them below.

Pokemon Happy Meal

These appear to come with cards, while you can scan the toys — or cards, one of the two — to play a game on your phone; at least that's what we believe this "McPlay Power" business is all about.

Will you be rushing to McDonald's soon once these toys arrive? Will you be as excited as we were in our deadly-serious-not-at-all-a-parody unboxing of the Mario toys? Let us know.

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