Flying Hamster II

Composer Michiru Yamane, best known for her work on music for the Castlevania series, has joined forces with Parisian indie studio Game Atelier for its upcoming Kickstarter-funded title, Flying Hamster II. Check out Game Atelier's reveal video for the composer below:

Flying Hamster II is currently in development for PC, and if it reaches its (still undisclosed) stretch goals, Game Atelier says the action-RPG platformer will hit Wii U and 3DS as well. The Kickstarter campaign is aiming for an initial goal of $150,000, with just under $18,000 pledged as of this writing and 26 days to go; as we highlighted in our recent Kickstarter summary feature, releases on Nintendo hardware look unlikely unless stretch targets are confirmed and made far lower than the PS4 / Xbox One equivalents.

The original Flying Hamster was downloaded over 1.7 million times when it was released in 2010 on iOS, PSP, and PS Vita. Have you pledged your support for Flying Hamster II?