It's-a me, in HD!

While many other console owners made the leap into HD with the launch of the Xbox 360 and PS3 many years ago, Nintendo fans had to wait a little longer — lest we forget, the entire Wii era was spent in Standard Definition. This got us thinking — what would some of the Wii's best games look like when rendered at a higher resolution?

With that thought in mind, we present the first in what we intend to be a long line of comparison videos which show what certain Wii titles look like in both SD and HD — just so you can see what your eyeballs have been missing all these years. We've picked a solid favourite in the form of Super Mario Galaxy, one of the console's most celebrated releases.

It's worth pointing out that this footage is a hypothetical demonstration designed to illustrate what the game might look like running in HD, and is not (we repeat, NOT) a trailer for an official Nintendo product, nor is it affiliated or endorsed by Nintendo in any way. Got that? Good.

Feast your eyes and then vote in the poll below — which game would you like us to focus on next time?

What game would you like us to give the HD treatment to next? (654 votes)

Xenoblade Chronicles


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Super Mario Galaxy 2


Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


Metroid Other M


Wii Sports Resort


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