With the Wii U boasting HDMI output and full backwards compatibility with Wii games and accessories, some had hoped the new console would be able to make existing Wii games sharper, but Nintendo has reconfirmed to Wired that it won't.

During a hands-on session at CES, Ben Kuchera was told that the Wii U "will not be able to improve the resolution" of Wii games, meaning there'll be no Super Mario Galaxy in 720p. Nintendo originally quietly confirmed this at E3, but it's worth bringing to wider attention.

Considering Wii emulators are able to display games in 720p it's disappointing that Nintendo's own console won't make legacy games look better. Is this a cost issue, to pave the way for a selection of HD Wii U remasters or something else entirely? Let us know what you think below.

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