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While we were busy twiddling our thumbs waiting for Theatrhythm: Curtain Call and playing the threedemo tracks until our stylus wore out, Square-Enix sneaked an update onto the official website detailing some of the tracks to be included from the original Final Fantasy up to Final Fantasy VII.

Fifty nine tracks have been revealed so far; some should already be familiar to Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy fans, some all new. Even this small selection already shows a good mix of fan favourites, so we're hopeful that our favourites from the more modern entries make it in too.

The currently confirmed tracks are as follows:

Final Fantasy

Battle Scene (BMS)
Mini-Boss Battle (BMS)
Last Battle (BMS)
Main Theme (FMS)
Cornelia Castle (FMS)
Opening Theme (FMS)
Matoya’s Cave (FMS)
Gurgu Volcano (FMS)
Airship (FMS)
Ocean Floor Temple (FMS)

Final Fantasy II

Battle Scene 1 (BMS)
Rebel Army Theme (BMS)
Battle Scene 2 (BMS)
Main Theme (FMS)
Town (FMS)
Dungeon (FMS)
Magician’s Tower (FMS)
Finale (FMS)

Final Fantasy III

Battle 1 (BMS)
Battle 2 (BMS)
The Final Battle (BMS)
The Cave Where the Crystal Lies (FMS)
Eternal Wind (FMS)
The Boundless Ocean (FMS)
The Maiden of Water Elia (FMS)
Dorga and Unne’s Mansion (FMS)
Crystal Tower (FMS)

Final Fantasy IV

Battle 1 (BMS)
Battle 2 (BMS)
Golbez, Clad in Darkness (BMS)
The Final Battle (BMS)
The Red Wings (FMS)
Theme of Love (FMS)
Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV (FMS)
Troian Beauty (FMS)
Tower of Zot (FMS)
Airship (FMS)
Within the Giant (FMS)

Final Fantasy V

Main Theme of Final Fantasy V (BMS)
Battle 1 (BMS)
Clash on the Big Bridge (BMS)
The Decisive Battle (BMS)
The Final Battle (BMS)
Four Hearts (FMS)
Harvest (FMS)
Home Sweet Home (FMS)
Mambo de Chocobo (FMS)
Airship (FMS)
A New World (FMS)
In Search of Light (FMS)

Final Fantasy VI

Battle (BMS)
The Decisive Battle (BMS)
Battle to the Death (BMS)
Dancing Mad (BMS)
Terra’s Theme (FMS)
Edgar and Sabin’s Theme (FMS)
Celes’s Theme (FMS)
The Airship Blackjack (FMS)
Searching for Friends (FMS)
Kefka’s Tower (FMS)

Final Fantasy VII

Let the Battles Begin (BMS)
Fight On! (BMS)
One Winged Angel (BMS)
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (FMS)
Golden Saucer (FMS)
Cosmo Canyon (FMS)
The Highwind Takes to the Skies (FMS)
Judgment Day (FMS)

Has your favourite already been confirmed? Is there a track you're hoping to see in a future update, or are you simply hoping for a Western localisation above all else? Let us know in the comments section below.