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Shuuhou Imai, best known for his work on the Tokyo Majin Gakuen series that's been on everything from the original Playstation to the Nintendo DS, has just released some details on a new title — Hamatora: Look At Smoking World — for 3DS through his blog.

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The game is set in Kobe, and the player is a high school student that's been recently transferred to the area. Locations are apparently based closely on their real-world counterparts, with Imai noting in particular that the shopping district is in full 3D and players are free to walk around it as they please. Other firm details are currently a bit sparse, but the battle system in game is said to be similar to Tokyo Majin Gakuen's grid-based SRPG battles, so perhaps we might get to enjoy something along the line of Devil Survivor: Overclocked when the game comes out on 17th July (in Japan, of course).

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Imai goes to great lengths to describe this "shared world" concept - bringing together the separate Hamatora manga, anime and game threads together into a single shared setting. While all three will take place within the same world knowledge of the others is not required to enjoy any individual entry - he describes it as being like American comics, where for example Iron Man and The Hulk coexist but you can fully enjoy either without knowing anything about the other.

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Considering how popular his previous work has been and how intriguing Hamatora sounds we'll make sure to bring you more information as we get it - roll on July!

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