Goodbye Galaxy Games and its creator Hugo Smits are best known for some excellent download titles, including games such as Ace Mathician on DSiWare and Tappingo most recently on the 3DS eShop, yet the developer is also active in other ways within the independent community. After beginning a project called indi3DS as a means of compiling his own scripting language, it went rather quiet with few updates. Smits has now been in touch to point us to his developer blog, in which he's announced the evolution of that tool into something that may be of interest to budding developers.

We certainly recommend reading the whole blog post, but below is an excerpt (and image) explaining more.

Gomba V1 Preview

Gomba is a rapid prototype game creation tool for Nintendo 3DS. It offers a game engine, level editor, simulator and C-like scripting language and debugger. It’s super easy in use. Non-programmers can probably create a simple game in just a hour. While advanced programmers can go nuts with the C-like script.

Right now I’m building it for Windows. I have plans to transform it into a online tool, probably made in Flash, so that you will only need a browser to run it.

While admittedly a relatively basic, tile-based setup, it provides features such as collision detection built-in, and is designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind — puzzle and adventure genres are cited as ideal for the tool-set.

It's certainly worth watching, and undoubtedly welcome for eager developers still learning the basics.