Monster Hunter The Real 2014

We recently reported on Monster Hunter Real 2014, a Monster Hunter-themed extravaganza at the Universal Studios theme park in Osaka, Japan. The exhibit, which is open until 11th May, features Monster Hunter themed food and drink, elaborate models of gear from the game and quests that visitors can go on. One of the biggest appeals to the exhibit however, is probably the monstrous animatronic Tigrex and Rathian.

The video below, recorded by Youtube user ExorcistPlexLife at the 2012 event, shows just how menacing these model monsters can be. Their vicious roars and clouds of smoke bring the monsters from the game to life, albeit without the crippling fear of getting beaten to a bloody pulp.

This video may not be from the current exhibit, but at least gives an idea of how the experience stacks up — check it out and let us know what you think.