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We recently covered the exciting news that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was heading westward, and 3DS owners around the world rightfully took to the internet to celebrate. Japanese Monster Hunter fans still get all the really cool toys though, like the brand new Monster Hunter Real 2014 exhibition that opens tomorrow at the Universal Studios Japan theme park in Osaka.

This special event is open until the 11th of May, and gives fans the chance to shoot (with cameras) a giant animatronic Tigrex and Rathian, as well as deck themselves out in some basic hunter gear and pose with an enormous static Rathalos — for a 1800 Yen fee, of course.

Indoors, there’s a chance to gawk at excellent reproductions of various bits and pieces of Monster Hunter gear, including a full set of life-size replica Star Rook equipment designed to celebrate the exhibition and available to 3DS-carrying attendees via an exclusive download quest.

If you’re not content with just looking, there’s also a few “quests” to participate in too, such as the “paintball” throwing competition (a Monster Hunter themed variant on the classic “knock over the bottles” fairground stall) and hungry fans can fill up on a variety of themed food and drink — thankfully none of which is cooked by cats trying to act like people. Phew!

Do you like the look of this event? Would you go if Capcom held something similar in your area? Let us know in the comments section below.

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