Pokemon Science

While we may have an instinctive understanding of games the more we play, learning about mechanics and how the nuts and bolts of experiences work, it can be up to interpretation when looking for the additional meanings or influences within a given game. Download titles in particular sometimes have underlying messages or themes, or even references that can pass us by.

The Pokémon series and its intricacies naturally play up to this, as over the years it's been a feasting ground for those looking to deconstruct and understand it on a deeper level. Some 'mon designs have obvious inspirations, for example, and there's a degree of Pokélogic always at work. Yet still, we can rely on those such as the Do You Know Gaming YouTube channel to give us bite-sized bursts of fact-driven goodness. We may 'get' the basics in games we enjoy, but there's no harm in learning more.

A recent video, posted at the weekend, goes over some intriguing facts that tie Pokémon with science, whether interpreting ideas from the real world or the 'mon world infiltrating that of scientific research and discovery.

It's a fun watch for six minutes of your time, so check it out below.

[source gonintendo.com]