F Zero GX

While the size of the prospective audience is debatable and no-doubt informing Nintendo's decision-making, there's undoubtedly a vocal group of gamers rather desperate for new F-Zero titles. With no sign of that happening as yet, our only option is to look back and reminisce on the high-tempo, thrilling racers of past generations.

It's a series with plenty of quirky facts and secrets, too, as highlighted in the latest video from the Did You Know Gaming? channel. It becomes abundantly clear that Japanese gamers had more F-Zero than the rest, while there are fun character cross-overs and in-game references to soak in. One of our favourite F-Zero facts is also included, that of F-Zero AX being found hidden in F-Zero GX on the GameCube.

While we're left fantasizing about F-Zero games we want to see, it's fun to learn more about the secrets of the relatively under-utilised franchise. Check it out below.