FAST Racing Neo

Shin'en Multimedia was on the Wii U from day one with Nano Assault Neo, a twin-stick shooter that continued one of the studio's established franchises and was also an early showcase for the impressive visuals possible for downloads on the system. It was unsurprising that keen Nintendo download fans were also pleased with the reveal last year of FAST Racing Neo, a futuristic racer set to continue the franchise that kicked off on WiiWare.

We've actually seen no footage or screens of the game as yet, however, though it is coming in 2014. When a fan asked the company when we can expect to see more on Twitter, it actually replied to confirm that more details on the racer would emerge after another reveal for a Wii U game.

For fans of the studio's work it's certainly a positive that more projects are in the works for the Wii U. Do you have any preferences on what this new project should be, whether a continuation of a franchise or something all new? Let us know in the comments below.