Miiverse Smile

Updates to the Wii U and 3DS are a far cry from the days of the Wii and DS, when system updates were comparatively rare and tweaks and improvements to individual apps clearly weren't high on Nintendo's list of priorities. Nowadays the 3DS has frequent system updates — many of which boost "system stability" to dizzying levels of, well, stability — while the Wii U joins the club of other home consoles with fairly regular game software updates, in particular. Thankfully Nintendo had the foresight to establish Miiverse as a browser-based app, meanwhile, so it can be tweaked and updated on the fly without any onerous downloads and installations to tolerate.

The ever-evolving Miiverse has been tweaked once again, this time on the Wii U to bring it more in line with some 3DS-equivalent features. As the post from Nintendo of Europe's Marty explains, your button shortcuts on Miiverse — if you're avoiding the GamePad touch screen — have been changed.

There has been an update to Miiverse today. This update only affects the Wii U version of Miiverse, bringing it in line with the Nintendo 3DS version.

1) The button for reloading is no longer the L Button. From now on, use the Y Button to reload the current page.
2) We've added a new feature. When a community is open, you can use the L/R Buttons to quickly move up and down between posts.

Not earth-shattering changes, for sure, but if you do like to browse Miiverse with the Wii U Pro Controller occasionally, keep these button functions in mind.

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