Firebrand's Back (maybe)

The Virtual Console has been an incredible asset to Nintendo over the years. Not only has it served as a method of playing yesterday’s games today, but it’s also come in handy when bridging the gap between retail releases. One of its downsides of course is that with every new console’s release, the back catalogue of games available on that new system has to effectively restart. Luckily, while some games that were – and still are – available on the Wii may take months to arrive on the Wii U and 3DS, there are also plenty of games arriving on the Virtual Consoles for the first time – the GameBoy games and Earthbound are fantastic examples of this.

Thanks to this rule, the Virtual Console is looking to receive Gargoyle’s Quest II sometime in the future. The Gargoyle’s Quest series has only ever appeared on the virtual console once before in the form of the GameBoy port of the original NES title, and – whilst it’s unsure whether the NES or GameBoy version of the sequel title is on the way – it’s speculated that the NES version is the most likely rendition to grace 3DS. The game is set to release in Japan on 5th March but – as stated in a previous Nintendo Life article – it has already been rated in Australia; it’s looking like Firebrand will be making his way overseas at some point.

Gargoyle’s Quest II is not the only game worth mentioning here, though, as the NES game Street Fighter 2010 could also be coming to the western 3DS Virtual Console in the not so distant future. Nothing has been confirmed about the side-scrolling action game coming abroad but it is already available in Japan, and with Capcom owning both Gargoyle’s Quest II and Street Fighter 2010 there’s a chance that we could see Ken the cyborg not so far behind our friendly neighbourhood demon.

So what do you guys think? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on these games, or do you think it’s all just wishful thinking? Let us know in the comments.