Kick it, Alex!

Before Sonic the Hedgehog sped onto the scene, Alex Kidd was Sega's undisputed mascot, appearing in a host of Master System adventures — as well as a single 16-bit outing — and attempting to challenge Nintendo's Mario in the sphere of platforming goodness.

Since being ousted by the blue hedgehog, Alex Kidd has wandered in the wilderness, with appearances reduced to a few notable cameos. Such an existence isn't befitting a mascot of such stature, and's Tyler Esposito — you might remember him from those brilliant childhood Sega videos we posted before Christmas — is seeking to redress the balance.

He's started a series of videos where Kidd finds his way into other classic games, and first up is The Legend of Zelda.

Let us know what you think of the clip — Esposito is keen to hear what other titles Sega's monkey-boy mascot should gatecrash.