What games should be all about

We suspect many know what we mean when referencing "the Nintendo 64 kids", a short video that showed the excitement that a new games console could prompt on Christmas Day. Naturally a games console is for life — or at least a generation — and there are plenty of Holiday seasons when games for our favourite systems are on the top of our wishlists.

If we can be allowed some reminiscing, receiving games as gifts in the '90s was perhaps a little different from today, as we often knew comparatively little about what was coming. Understanding of a game could be based on a couple of magazine articles, the occasional TV advert, playground gossip and little more, so there was sense of exploration and adventure when unwrapping these presents; containing enthusiasm to fire them up was tough. The '90s — certainly the first half — were also typified by the Nintendo vs. Sega battle, and as the two companies are now BFFs, we have no qualms around showing just how much Sega could excite young gamers of the era.

Below is a compilation of moments from the childhood of Tyler Esposito — not only was he hyped by new games for the Genesis and even the Sega CD, but his parents were savvy and awesome enough to give him boxes of older games for previous systems, which seemed to excite Esposito as much as the shiny new titles.

This video was put together in honour of Esposito's father, who filmed these home videos and whose "love of video games and more importantly, me, made all this possible".

[source kotaku.com]