Netflix Logo - Edited

Gone are the days of slotting in a cartridge and simply playing a game, as consoles have become multimedia devices for surfing the web and watching slightly different TV. The Wii U's Netflix app does a pretty decent job with the service, happily handling the HD streaming and being nice and functional all around. But still, everything can be better.

The app has received a minor update — in Europe and North America — that downloaded and installed within a few minutes on our machine. Unfortunately it's not the fancy new layout that's graced some devices, but appears to have added two little buttons when browsing content; next to an item's description there is now a big '+' button to add that show, series or film to your own "My List", which switches to a minus should you want to take it away. In the case of a TV series entry you can also jump to a list of all available programs even if you've watched it before (Update: it's been pointed out these aren't new, so we may have simply not been paying attention pre-update, see below). The GamePad display when watching content appears to be unchanged.

It's minor stuff, admittedly, while it's also possible that these buttons were there all along and we only noticed them now; if that's the case then it's a mystery update, perhaps simply improving stability.

Has your Netflix app updated on Wii U and, if so, can you spot any notable changes?