It's all smiles with the DS

As we get closer to the latest official Nintendo updates on worldwide hardware and software sales, more data continues to emerge for various territories. In recent days there's been information on 2013 sales in the UK, for example, but some further figures have now emerged showing sales of the last two console generations up to the close of 2013, this time covering Spain.

Bolo Muñoz Calero of IGN Spain has published the following figures — thanks, Nintenderos — that show sales to date for two generations of consoles, with Nintendo's systems showing the strongest performance overall.

1. Nintendo DS: 4,500,000
2. Wii: 2,800,000
3. PS3: 2,500,000
4. PSP: 2,400,000
5. 360: 1,100,000
6. 3DS: 900,000
7. PS Vita: 250,000
8. PS4: 157,000
9. Wii U: 80,000
10. Xbox One: 35,000

In terms of the current generation of systems we have the 3DS leading on the handheld score while the PS4 has surged to an early lead in the home console arena. At 80,000 units the Wii U is struggling in comparison, though its year-long head start was still sufficient at the point of this data to stay ahead of Microsoft's latest system.

The table below also shows the first week's sales of each home console (the first row) and then the first Christmas period (second row), though the latter category is a little too loosely defined.

Platform Sales Spain

There's still a long way to go in the current generation, and these trends in Spain certainly bear some similarities to those of other territories. It'll be interesting to see more regional information from Nintendo at the end of the month.

Thanks to Oscar for the tip.

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