Not many games are given the chance to receive an improved update. Bravely Default was granted that opportunity after its initial Japanese release, and our review implies this reworking was of great benefit to the European and North American players who are receiving the updated version.

After taking the time and effort to refresh a game like Bravely Default, however, there may always remain questions as to whether more optimizations could still be made. And yet, having taken all that time and effort does give one good justification for giving a big, resounding "nope" in reply.

Official Nintendo Magazine asked Bravely Default producer Tomoya Asano whether the world map would be improved for the game's sequel. Asano stood by the final decisions of the improved first game:

In terms of Bravely Default [...] we worked specifically on making improvements to it for almost a year after it was released in Japan, so we feel that there is really no need for any more improvements. In my opinion, if there [were] more things you 'could' do with the map, for example, it might make some players feel that there were more things they 'must' do with it.

In Bravely Default, we tried to eliminate all elements besides those which we wanted our players to enjoy, to streamline the experience.

The decisions of the developers can always be left open for debate, but there is a certain sense of honour in a producer saying that his team worked hard enough and should not need to worry over further changes.

Official Nintendo Magazine shared another snippet from Asano's full interview, this one much more lighthearted and cosplay-related:

If I were a pretty girl, I would want to dress up as the Valkyrie job type. Unfortunately, I will have to give up on that idea, since I'm a middle-aged man of 35!

What do you think is more important: the relentless pursuit of perfection or the resolve to declare a project finished?

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