Super Mario Kart - Soap Cart Good

Like professional athletes, Nintendo gamers are commonly known for generating foul odours during long and enduring marathons. It’s part of the whole experience. Whether it involved gaming with friends back in the day with a copy of GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64, or more recently playing through the latest Zelda adventure on the Wii in a darkened room, the fact is the room (and the gamer) get a little musty every now and then.

To combat a problem that has been a part of the culture since its origins, online retailer Firebox has produced a line of soap bars made in the likeness of classic Nintendo cartridges.

Feel like washing yourself with a copy of Super Mario Kart? Go for it. How about the increasingly hard-to-find Pokémon Blue Version? Sure thing! Dreams are now a reality with these superbly crafted soap bars. The attention to detail is so impressive, the bars even come with their own little dust jackets (not made of soap). Soap varieties on offer include Game Boy and Super Nintendo themes.

Unfortunately fans outside of US will just have to wash themselves with their real games if they're seeking a more authentic experience, as the soap bars on offer are based on the North American cartridge design and ratings system. You can't have everything!