Feed this guy some cake already

If you've ever dreamed of smothering the face of your brand new spouse with a giant slice of virtual dirt from the game Dig Dug, now is your chance. An entertainment company out of New Jersey, USA named POSH Entertainment has figured out how to make you lose even more of your hard earned coins by getting married, as it's begun marketing a series of wedding cakes that feature classic video games projected onto the surface. The games are fully playable, as the company uses a projector to illuminate the cake from top to bottom with video game goodness, as if it was the world's tastiest, tiered TV screen.

Since wedding cakes tend to be tall, multi-level constructions, so far the majority of games used for these fancy feasts of sprites and icing have been retro NES titles that employ a multi-level style of gameplay, such as Donkey Kong, Dig Dug, and Ice Climber. One outlier, however, is Sonic the Hedgehog, a game that moves from beginning to end about as fast as your marriage will if you actually decide to serve one of these things.

But in all seriousness, think of how many friends and family members would be willing to shower you with lavish wedding gifts once you tell them they'll get to play their favourite video game on an enormous cake at the reception. Just in case your new bride or groom does decide to video-cake that lovely face of yours, don't be caught off guard — simply include these SNES soap bar cartridges in your gift registry and use them to scrub off the layers of frosting afterwards.

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