As many will already know, Miiverse will arrive on 3DS in a December system update, which will join shared eShop funds and Nintendo Network ID integration on the portable. Nintendo has today issued an update on the Wii U and browser-based iterations of Miiverse as early preparations for the new arrival.

Due to the imminent arrival of many 3DS-centric communities and users, the update notice outlines three changes to the service.

1. New display options in the community list

You can now display more communities at once, with the newest communities displayed first. You can also use a filter to display communities based on categories such as “Wii U software”, “Virtual Console” and so on.

2. A change to the profile page

Your profile no longer displays the total number of Yeahs you have given. However, you can still see the number of Yeahs on individual posts.

3. A change to the default display setting within a community

Until now, when you entered a community, the newest posts were displayed first. From now on, posts by people who have played the game will be displayed by default.

One change not detailed in the update message is that you can no longer easily save copies of images from Miiverse posts when using the browser version, which is a pity.

As Miiverse is a web-based service Nintendo can update at will without lengthy downloads and disruptions, so we'd expect more tweaks as the 3DS iteration arrives. Let us know what you think of these adjustments, and whether you're looking forward to Miiverse on the 3DS, below.