Pokemon First Person (1)

Pokémon fever has been in force for many weeks and months now, culminating in the recent release of Pokémon X & Y. Like many of the most successful and best-loved franchises on Nintendo systems, it's also a rather peculiar premise that's been going strong for many years. As we suggested in our weekend article, playing Pokémon games can be a quirky and baffling business.

One of the most common points made with the series, of course, is that you're pitting strange little creatures against one another in battle. Different 'mon have interesting abilities and powers, naturally, and it can be easy to overlook or forget how peculiar the series can seem to the uninitiated or those that aren't gamers.

A neat video, which is well on its way to going viral, perhaps highlights the more brutal aspect of the Pokémon concept by recreating a Pikachu and Bulbasaur battle in first-person. Check it out and let us know whether you'll ever see battles the same again.

[source kotaku.com]