Wind Waker HD Banner

With a number of major titles coming to the Wii U in the remainder of 2013, it's natural to wonder which will do the most for the system's hardware sales and overall prospects. There are new titles coming that cover different bases, with exclusive Sonic joining the potential bankers such as Wii Fit U and Super Mario 3D World. A major release that prompted plenty of excitement when announced in January, however, is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, the terrific remake of the GameCube title and, let's not forget, a game that to some is essentially a new Zelda experience; that's certainly how Nintendo has been approaching its release.

Although early download access was available in North America from 20th September, it only arrived on 4th October in stores in Europe and North America. Its start in Japan was modest at best, so the question is whether there's greater appetite for the re-release in the West. The early results in today's UK charts are reasonable, if not mind-blowing, but do demonstrate that there's been some decent interest in the title in the face of multi-platform behemoths FIFA 14 and Grand Theft Auto V — the cel-shaded epic has made its UK all-format chart debut in fourth place, behind the aforementioned big hitters and multi-platform newcomer F1 2013. For its part Animal Crossing: New Leaf is still flying the 3DS flag, securing 18th place.

While not an exceptional start for The Wind Waker HD, it is nevertheless a Wii U exclusive that's forced its way into the upper reaches of the UK charts. As is often the case, momentum will be important; can it defy its small userbase — and maybe grow it further — and show some New Leaf-style resilience? We'll find out in the coming weeks.