The above photo is purportedly taken from a store on a U.S. military base. Although exact details are not known, it is not difficult to believe such a thing could happen, as the partial shutdown of the U.S. government had previously shut down military grocery stores entirely up to 5 days ago and it may take some time to fully restock their shelves.

U.S. military enchanges provide active members and their families access to discounted food and items — or are the only reasonable means of access to them for those serving overseas. Many likely have another route to purchase Pokémon X & Y if they really wanted to today, but odds are likely that some will end up disappointed and having to wait it out.

Videogames are one of the least concerns in the whole U.S. government shutdown debacle, but it's still embarrassing to see all the ways --big and small — such seemingly childish behaviour by leaders trickles negatively down. Luckily, in other times, people have come through to bring entertainment to service members and their families.

Have you seen any such signs of delays of games to U.S. military bases? Let us know below.