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With the 2DS fast approaching I've had some hands on time with the device. Rather than waxing lyrical over the perfectly crafted design (or indeed bemoaning the cheese-like profile) I wanted to put the console to the test in a real family setting.

So I set-up another of my time-lapse battery tests. This time however I had a more scientific approach (I’ve been listening to Nintendo Life comments on my last battery test, you see) and had the same game ready to run in each of my test systems: Mario Kart 7.

As you can see the 2DS did pretty well — it even managed to outlast my solid launch 3DS:

  • 3DS: 3 hours 56 minutes
  • 2DS: 4 hours 25 minutes
  • 3DS XL: 4hours 58 minutes

I then went on to test out the screen brightness and viewing angle in different lights, along with how well the sound compares on each system.

In my 2DS screen test they all looked good, with the 2DS and 3DS XL offering a bit more fidelity and better viewing angles. It’s sound though where the systems really differ. My kids have often complained that out and about the 3DS XL isn’t loud enough. Sadly the 2DS doesn’t improve this, and moves things in a mono direction with a single speaker – no match for the volume or quality of my launch 3DS.

In a family setting though, it is the lack of a feature that will make the biggest difference (not often I’m praising companies for taking things away). Without a hinge the 2DS is suddenly much more robust and long-lasting, even in the hands of the roughest testers (usually my 5 year old).

2 Ds4 B

Couple this with no 3D to worry about and you have a nicely put together set of features for family gamers. While this shouldn’t be seen as solely a family system, I think it's younger players who will benefit most from the new console.

I’m sure the avid Nintendo player will also get a lot out of it too, but feature for feature I still prefer my launch 3DS. No accounting for taste, I know.

On a side note, in true director’s cut style, we’ve got access to a special alternate ending of the 2DS Battery Test, too graphic to include in the original video:

So how about you, will you be jumping on board the 2DS train when it launches? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.