Monster Hunter and Nintendo seem to be a good fit

As we've reported in recent weeks, Monster Hunter 4 has been achieving particularly impressive sales since its launch in Japan, moving quickly towards Capcom's targets. The company had anticipated 2.8 million sales by the end of March 2014, yet has now confirmed that the title has already surpassed three million sales at physical retail and through download codes / direct eShop purchases.

Those are seriously impressive numbers, with Capcom also stating that the franchise as a whole has now gone past 26 million sales. Next year will also bring the 10th Anniversary of the series, so in our deepest held dreams we hope that the landmark will be accompanied by a high profile release of Monster Hunter 4 outside of Japan — time will tell.

These sales are apparently a record for a 3rd-party 3DS game in Japan, which is not only terrific news for Capcom but the wider platform, as it demonstrates the enthusiasm of the portable's growing install base.

We hope to hear of localisation soon, but in the meantime don't forget to watch us play through the opening 30 minutes of Monster Hunter 4; we'll post more videos of the game in the coming weeks.

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