Earlier in the week we shared the happy news — and some pretty images — of a limited edition The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL model coming to Europe, alongside the rather attractive Luigi 3DS XL that's been available in Japan for a number of months. A GameStop Black Friday ad in the US seems to reveal that the Zelda model is coming to the country, with a reasonably priced blue 3DS (EDIT: we originally wrote 3DS XL, whereas the ad shows a standard model, thanks Lz) and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon bundle also listed.

With Australia also confirmed to be receiving the Link Between Worlds system, it seems inevitable that most will have the opportunity to pick it up, though due to demand it's likely to be the full price that Nintendo can justify — the GameStop ad has a price of $219.99. Its design alone is sure to tempt a number of gamers, and if accurate the Luigi bundle is certainly an attractive option.

Assuming this isn't an advert printed in error, are you tempted to pick either of these up?

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