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Eiji Aonuma has often resisted describing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as a sequel, though it is of course set in the same world as the iconic Super NES title A Link to the Past. Over recent months we've seen a number of comparisons between the two overworlds, typically showing how close a match they truly are, so fans of the 16-bit epic are sure to be feeling a tad nostalgic

Nintendo has now released a video of Eiji Aonuma's recent presentation at the New York Comic Con. Many of the included answers have been covered already, but there are some interesting snippets and footage that provide some additional insight. A particularly intriguing segment (pictured above and below) outlines how Aonuma-san initially had to attempt to recreate the overworld himself while the team was tied up on other projects. In the early development and concept shots, it was shown how creating the top-down environment in 3D led to characters and landmarks being slanted.

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The video below is well worth a watch, and even includes the moment when Aonuma teases Majora's Mask information that can be found in the 3DS title.